Frequently Asked Questions

How/When will I get access once I place my order? 

Once your order is received, you will receive an email with the download links you will need to access the Bundles.  This email will come within 24 hours of the receipt of your order.  

How much do the Bundles cost?

The Meditation Bundle is $35 USD.  The Gratitude Bundle is $30 USD. The Positivity & Wellness Bundle is $35 USD and the Self-Love Digital Retreat is $75 USD.  Buy all the Bundles together for $120 and save!  When you purchase Full Access, you also receive a free consultation. The Self-Love Digital Retreat also includes a consultation.

Is it a one time payment or a recurring charge?  

The Bundles are a one-time payment.  If you wish to schedule additional coaching sessions, pricing will be based on what is chosen for further support.

 How long do I have access to the Bundles?

Forever!! Once you download the Bundles, they are yours to keep!  

 How is the content delivered?

You will receive an email upon receipt of your order with all the links you need to access your Bundles.  

 Are there live sessions, recorded modules or other materials?

Stay tuned! Recorded modules and masterclasses are coming soon!  

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital/downloadable nature of the Bundles, your payment for them is non-refundable. However, if you are not completely satisfied or need more support, I am available to help in any way.  Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.  

How am I able to get help if I need it?

Great question!  You can email me at any time at  You will receive a reply directly from me within 24 hours.  

 What kind of support or guidance will I receive after purchase?

Follow my Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content.  You can also email me as outlined above for specific questions/concerns related to your Bundle. 

How do I know this will work for me?  

If you are stressed to the point of burnout and you cannot find balance or peace in your life, these Bundles are THE place to get started on a transformation to peace and calm in your daily life.   

Meditation, Journaling and Self-Love are the key components of the Bundles I have created for you.  Here’s how each one of these important practices can change your life in just a few weeks:  

Meditation:  Mental Clarity and Focus: Regular meditation fosters mental clarity, sharpens focus, and enhances cognitive abilities, promoting a more centered and present state of mind. 

Stress Reduction: Mindfulness meditation has proven benefits in reducing stress by encouraging a non-judgmental awareness of thoughts and emotions, leading to a calmer response to life's challenges. 

Emotional Well-Being: Meditation cultivates emotional resilience, helping individuals manage and navigate their emotions more effectively, leading to increased overall well-being. 

Journaling: Self-Reflection: Journaling provides a space for self-reflection, allowing individuals to gain insights into their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, fostering personal growth and understanding. 

Stress Management: By expressing thoughts and feelings on paper, journaling serves as a healthy outlet for stress, helping individuals process and cope with challenges in a constructive way. 

Goal Setting and Tracking: Keeping a journal supports goal setting and progress tracking, providing a tangible record of achievements and aspirations, contributing to a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

Self-Love Practices: Improved Self-Confidence: Engaging in self-love practices, such as positive affirmations and self-compassion exercises, contributes to improved self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Stress Resilience: Cultivating self-love enhances resilience to stress, fostering a positive mindset and an increased ability to navigate life's ups and downs with grace. 

Enhanced Relationships: When individuals prioritize self-love, they are better equipped to build and maintain healthy relationships, as a strong sense of self-worth positively influences interpersonal dynamics. 

In combination, these practices create a holistic approach to well-being, nurturing mental and emotional health, promoting self-awareness, and fostering a positive relationship with oneself and others. 

 I promise you will be transformed by the power of meditation, journaling and self-care!  I sure have!  

Can I go at my own pace, or is there a set schedule?

Go at your own pace and take your time completing the exercises in each bundle.  

How much time do I need to commit to this?  

I recommend 10-20 minutes a day to listen to meditations, take time to journal and enjoy the self-care rituals.  

 Are there any additional costs involved, like books or other materials?  

None at all.  If you would like to be informed of upcoming masterclasses and courses, feel free to let me know!  

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